Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to register for courses the year I first enrolled in the University? Yes.
  2. Between what dates do I have to register for the course? You must make your course registration within the periods specified in the academic calendar of the unit where you are studying. You can access the Academic calendar from the Student Affairs Department web page.
  3. What is an academic calendar and do I have to do all my work according to the academic calendar? The Academic calendar is a plan set by the University Senate and includes all the educational processes such as registration renewal, add-drop or drop deadlines for academic matters, starting and finishing exams. You are required to perform all your transactions within the framework of academic calendar and relevant regulations.
  4. What happens if I do not register in the academic calendar within the specified periods? The student who does not renew his / her registration at the specified dates is considered to have not renewed his / her registration at that semester and cannot benefit from his / her student rights.
  5. I'm a freshman. How many credits can I choose to study? First class students are obliged to take all the courses of the semester in which they are enrolled.
  6. In which case can I take lessons from the upper class? After the end of the first semester, if any, you can take the courses you have taken and the courses you have failed before and the courses you have not taken in the semesters where you have studied or the courses you have not taken at the end of each semester, depending on the overall grade point average, you can take the courses.
  7. Must the course failed first during registration renewal? Yes. First of all, you must take the courses you have failed in and the courses you have not taken in the sub-semester within the credit limits and register by selecting them.
  8. Can I take courses in the sub-semester/year or in the sub-semester/year by dropping my course? No. You have to take the courses in sequence from the lower semesters.
  9. I failed the elective course. Can I choose another elective course instead? Yes. However, when choosing a course from UBS, you have to select the elective course you want to take and replace it with the other elective course you want to take. If you do not choose a course instead, you may experience problems with the next semester.
  10. Do I have to attend the lessons I failed before? No. In repeated courses, if the attendance condition has been fulfilled in the previous semester, the attendance condition is not required. However, instead of the elective course you failed, you will have to continue the elective course you have chosen.
  11. Can I take overlapping courses in the curriculum? No. If you are not exempt from attending one of the overlapping courses, you may not receive it. You will not be able to take courses that have a attendance requirement and are conflicting.
  12. Where can I enroll? Internet environment you can do it from anywhere on the Internet by logging in to the address.
  13. I can't log into the system because I forgot my login password. What had I better do? You can contact the Department Secretary of the unit you are trained on. if you can't reach your secretary, call 312 19 40 and reset your password. you can re-create your password by clicking on the Create first password link at the address.
  14. Does the semester that we do not register for the course count as the duration of the course? Yes.
  15. I didn't enroll for the fall semester. Can I register for the next semester (spring)? Yes.
  16. How long do I have the right to take lessons in one semester? You have the right to take 30 ECTS courses in One Semester. However, in addition to your success ,you can take more than 5, 8, 12 or 15 ECTS courses.
  17. The course selection screen does not show the courses I will take. what am i supposed to do? Depending on your course plans, it may be that your courses are not displayed in the system, the course has been removed, the course code has changed, the course has not been opened or the course has been incomplete. In this case, please contact your adviser. But do not complete your course registration until the problem is resolved.

  18. The quota is full warning. I can't take classes. What had I better do? You should first try to take another elective or group course. If all the quotas are full, you should contact your Advisor.
  19. I signed up for class. sent it to my supervisor for approval. Approval process should I follow him? Yes. Be sure to check with the consultant. Course registrations without Advisor approval are invalid and you cannot take courses and examinations. Responsibility belongs to the student.
  20. What should I do if I can't reach my advisor and confirm my course registration? You can reach your department head. if you do not reach the head of the Department, make sure that you have the approval of the advisor at the time specified in the academic calendar by informing the Dean/Director of the situation. If no authority has been reached you can e-mail your system-related problem to
  21. What matters should I pay attention to during the course registration process? You have to pay attention to three important points in the course registration. In order not to extend the term by taking the incomplete course, the curricula should be checked at the beginning of each term. it is necessary to complete the registration within the period specified in the academic calendar and the approval of the advisor must be made.
  22. What is the curriculum? The curriculum includes courses in which you are to complete the program you are studying. You do not qualify for graduation if you are missing one or more of the courses in the curriculum.
  23. What is curriculum control and when should I do it? You must reach your Curriculum Information and transcript in the student information management system and compare the courses you have taken at the beginning of each registration period with your curriculum.
  24. Is there anything I need to do after the Counselor's approval is over? Once the advisor approval process is complete, check the courses you have registered for one by one. One or more of the courses you have submitted to your Advisor's approval may have been removed from the list by your Advisor.
  25. What should I do if we don't have a name on the class polling list? If you do not have a name on the list, you have a problem with your registration and contact your supervisor immediately.

  26. Does the advisor have the right to make changes in the courses I want to register for? Yes. Ondokuz Mayıs University Regulation on Education and examination 10. Article 3. Within the scope of the paragraph, the consultant may exercise this right.
  27. Do I have to register if I do not have to attend classes? Yes.
  28. What is adding/subtracting a course? How do I do this? When there is an elective course that does not open from the courses you have selected, or when there is a course that you want to change, it is the process that you can do by contacting your Advisor within the periods specified in the Academic Calendar.
  29. Can I take 5/i courses(Turkish language foreign language and Atatürk's principles and revolutions history courses) through distance education? Yes.
  30. What do I need to do in order to receive 5/i courses via distance education? During the course registration, courses will be offered with two alternatives in the form of distance education and face to face training. You have to choose the type of Education you want at the first registration stage. If you choose distance education, you have to pay the fee.
  31. What information should I provide to my students and how can I do it? You can do this by sending a collective or individual message to students from the student information management system. Before the registration period starts, it is necessary to check the transcripts/curricula and make a course registration within the period defined in the academic calendar.
  32. Can the student change the course he / she has taken before and failed? Yeah, he can. However, if the course he / she failed during the course selection phase does not specify the course he / she wants to take, the problem may be experienced in the following periods.
  33. Does the student have the right to take conflicting courses in the curriculum? Nope. If the student is not exempt from the continuation of one of the overlapping courses, he / she should definitely not take it.
  34. Can I oblige the student to come in person to give his / her Advisor approval? The student can send the course through the system to the approval of the advisor by registering the course on the internet via the information management system. There is no binding provision for the student to come in person for the approval of the advisor. The advisor may use his / her right to approve the course registration sent to him / her or return it via the system again.
  35. Who is responsible if the student does not complete the course registration I did not approve and return via the system? Each student is obliged to submit his / her registration to the approval of the advisor and to follow up his / Her registration to be finalized by the advisor. The student is obliged to revise the course registration proposal returned by the advisor within the time specified in the academic calendar and approve it to his / her Advisor.
  36. Can I contact the student through the system as a consultant? Yes. You can send a message to the student via UBS system.
  37. What can I do as a consultant if the course that the student wants to take does not appear on the course registration screen? If you reach the officers who are active within the Student Affairs Department and assigned to look after your unit, the problem will be solved. If you are unable to reach them due to intensity - contact unit 5623 President of the Republic Created to provide technical support to students and academic staff in the automation system you can contact one of your addresses to communicate your problem. if you leave your contact number, a solution to your problem will be produced and a return will be made.
  38. What should I do if I receive a full warning on the course quota? You should first try other group lessons that are defined as quotas. `If all the group courses are full, you must report the situation to the head of the Department.
  39. Can non-field or free elective courses taken by the student be adapted to curriculum courses? No. Non-field or free elective courses are given to the student as a hobby and the grade of achievement is not processed.
  40. What should I pay attention to during the course registration approval phase? In order to qualify for graduation, the student has to take all the courses in the curriculum that he / she is subject to. Therefore, it is important to check the curriculum transcript during each registration period. In addition, he / she has to take the courses he / she has failed or the courses he / she has not taken at all.
  41. Do I have the right to make changes in the course that the student wants to register as a consultant? Yep. Ondokuz Mayıs University Regulation on Education and examination 10. Article 3. You may exercise this right under the paragraph. However, it is important to discuss the course change process with the student.
  42. Do I have to inform the student when I change the course that the student wants to register? Yes. The student may not be able to check the courses individually when he / she sees that the course registration has turned into a definitive record. In this case, you do not notice the course changed by you as a result of the course does not choose to continue such negative situations occur. Therefore, it is important to share information with the student about the course change.
  43. When Can I check with the student whether the course registration is correct? You can check in the add-delete week defined in the academic calendar and go to the correction path if there are errors.
  44. How Can I open the record that I've turned into a certain record but that I want to make changes to? You will be able to contact the authorized personnel in your unit to make sure you have the exact record.
  45. Do I need to print out the system after the registration process is complete? There is no such obligation. However, in order to present tangible data in the face of the unjust claims raised by the students, the system can be printed after approval or a file can be created on the computer and recorded on the computer. E-mail address has been obtained in order to provide technical support to the Student Advisor and academic staff. The address information will be shared on the Oidb web. For the problems you experience in the student information management system; Web address; if you send a message, you will be returned as soon as possible.)


  1. Is it possible to suspend education (registration freeze) for any reason? Yes. In the event that the reasons they can prove to the students or the opportunities such as non-university scholarships, internships, research, etc. that will contribute to their education, the Board of Directors of the relevant Board of Directors may suspend the registration.
  2. How long can I freeze registration? You can freeze your registration for up to four semesters/two years during the study period, up to two semesters at a time.
  3. What is the maximum allowed for sporting activity? If you are assigned by the university, you will be on leave as long as you are on duty. However, you cannot exceed 50% of the total hours of a course in that semester/year, including the time you are on leave.

  4. I’m an evening educationstudent.Do I have to pay my tuition fee when I want to freeze my registration? If your enrollment freeze request is accepted by the relevant Board of Directors of your school, you do not have to pay tuition fees.
  5. Is there a difference between freezing records and not registering? The periods you freeze the registration are not counted as education.
  6. If I don't have a valid excuse, can I freeze the record? Yep. However, if you do not have a valid excuse, the period of registration is counted as the period of Education. CUT ATTACHED
  7. What do I need to do to delete my registration? After you have approved the dismissal form to be filled by yourself at the centers specified on the form, you will be required to submit it to the Registrar's office. With the deletion of your registration, your right to be a student will be terminated. COURSE EXEMPTION
  8. What do I need to do to be exempted from the lessons I have already achieved? Students who have registered to the Faculty/vocational school for the first time can apply to the department with a petition from the higher education institutions that they have previously studied within three weeks from the date of commencement of the education and with the courses that they wish to be exempted from for the courses they have been successful in.
  9. I have petitioned for exemption from Deanship/directorship for the courses I have taken before. should I register for this course until my exemption is finalized? After receiving the exemption request by the unit administrative board and processing the exempted courses into the system, you will register to the courses you will take with your Advisor. If the decision of exemption is suspended after the Add/drop period specified in the academic calendar, the course registration process is carried out by the student affairs staff. However, during this period, it is important that you continue to study so that you do not become a victim.

  10. I enrolled in your university in a vertical/horizontal orientation. How Can I learn the courses I am exempt from your University and the courses I need to take? For each student applying for exemption, an exemption schedule is prepared by the Committee of the Department of Education and the Board of Directors and is communicated to the student with the decision of the Board of Directors.
  11. I have gained the right to register to your University with the vertical transfer/lateral transfer/central placement exam. What grade can I attend? Transfer students the year they are applying; vertical transition with incoming students in the fifth semester; the students who come with the central placement exams will be placed in the first semester.
  12. I would like to object to the exemption and adjustment Commission Decision. What had I better do? You can appeal to the relevant unit within one week at the latest from the date of the termination of the exemption process and notified to you.
  13. What is the minimum grade for the course that I request exemption from?

In order for the student to be exempted from a course, his / her grade must be at least cc and above. However, exemption from the lower grades may be demanded on condition that you have passed these courses.


  1. Can I object to the test results? How?

Yes. After the announcement of the results, you can appeal to the relevant unit (Department chair )within five working days of the last day of the entrance of the exam grade entry to the student automation system, which is specified in the academic calendar.

  1. Is it possible to have an integration exam in the internship? There is no qualifying exam. The internship is retaken.

  2. Are there any excuses in midterm exams? Yes. For students who cannot attend any of the midterm exams in faculties, colleges and vocational schools due to valid reasons, an excuse exam can be made by the decision of the Board of Directors.

  3. Are there any excuses for the final exams? Nope.

  4. How many days do I need to give my health report to get an excuse exam? Students submit their excuses with a petition to the relevant Dean/Directorates within one week of the end of the excuse. Those who do not apply within this period shall be deemed to have given up their rights

  5. How do the mid-term and final exams affect the average? The success Score of a course is the sum of 40% of the midterm evaluation score and 60% of the final exam.

  6. Can I take the complete exam of my absence class? A student who is absent from a course cannot take the exam.

  7. What should be the minimum grade of the semester / year achievement score? In order to be successful in a course, it is obligatory to have at least 50% of the midterm exam or the completion exam score at the end of the semester and 60% of the final exam score at the end of the semester. The success Score of distance education students is 20% of the midterm exam and 80% of the final exam or make-up exam.

  8. Can I take a course that I was successful in in the previous semesters again in order to improve my grades? No.

  9. What is a single course exam? You can take a single course exam if you have taken all the courses defined from your curriculum but you can take a single course exam if you are staying from the one course that you have provided previously for your graduation.